CMA-E conference - Sarlat la Canéda
17 - 19 April 2018
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Conference registration
I will attend the CMA-E conference in Sarlat. 

One member of your company can attend free of charge. If more than one member attends, there will be a fee of £300 each. Please complete this form for each member attending the conference.
Hotel booking (check-in date)
I need a room at Domaine de Monrecour from:

Please indicate your check-in date at the hotel.
Hotel check-out date
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Room type
Please reserve the following room type at Domaine de Monrecour:

Rooms tariffs:
A/ Single room: 115 € /room/night (+ 13 € breakfast /day | + 1.50 € local tax /day)
B/ Double room: 115 € /room/night  (+ 13€ breakfast /person/day | + 1.50€ local tax /person/day)
The hotel room charge must be paid individually at the hotel.

Partners program
I need a registration for the attendees' Partners Program organised on April 18th.

Please check the program of this tour, sent over by Derek. The price of this tour is 165 €/person.
I indicate here any special requirement (if any): dietary restrictions, comments... etc.

Exhibition possibility

I would like to book a table (free of charge) in order to exhibit some equipments/services of our company.
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